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How I went from politely drowning in work to helping successful business women and entrepreneurs create the work-life alignment they’ve always dreamed of.

Before the impressive LinkedIn profile. Before experiencing the ultimate self-adoration. Before being comfortable with the uncertainty of having your credentials removed and the shame of mission failure… there was an unhappily successful social worker.

Who loved served others instead of loving herself.

Desperate for acceptance.

So far removed from identity that her success was the ultimate gauge of worth no matter how many signs promised that feeling of enoughness. (Read more about my military career here in my chapter in the Behind the Rank, Vol. 4 anthology series.) Find on Amazon here.

A few Baddie Facts About Me:

I love God (and He loves me). He blessed me with a loving husband and I love being a mommy.

I also love the cursey words and don’t mind twerking in public from time to time.

Also, I’m a not-so-low-key cosplayer and proud movie buff and total Batman NERD (also, #WakandaForever).

After 4 years of active duty service as a Social Work Officer in the US Air Force, I decided to quit.

After 4 years of active duty service as a Social Work Officer in the US Air Force, I decided to quit.

It took over 3 years of rage quitting jobs that took my wisdom for granted, under minded my efforts to promote, and spending too much money on coaching programs and coaches that did not work.

Now, using my background in mental health, family services, and health care administration, I created The Baddie Blueprint, based on my knowledge and experiences.

With my signature system, The Baddie Blueprint, I help clients move past hesitation and frustration by regaining the confidence to share your light without the fear of failure (and faster than you would on your own).

The Baddie Blueprint is perfect
for you if:

You’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and burned out from information overload

The idea of not having support if you fail keeps you from going all in on your dreams

You secretly want to be given the fast-track to success without wasting anymore time and money on free coaches, pricey courses, not-so-helpful self-help books, and intriguingly vague podcasts that pose more distractions than solutions.

Welcome, It’s Siobhan (think “tah-da!” Sha-Von)

Your favorite Baddie here! Not sure if you’re a Baddie?

A Baddie is a state of mind. If you’re a badass lady who has the confidence to handle adulting like a boss, then you have found your people!

My best Baddie moment so far happened in 2019 when I realized that my voice has power and I have the opportunity to use this gift to help others connect with the fun-loving creative spirit of feminine energy and self-adoration.

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I had a first class seat on the hot mess express to adulthood.

Putting way too much energy in exceeding expectations at work and making good money in the process! Everything was going great until I became exhausted from working hard and playing harder by:

- Saying yes to extra shifts at work and taking side-hustles to quickly gain the experiences that would beef-up my resume and get me that 6-figure title that I deserved.

- Joining the military as a way to tackle and overcome new challenges in an unpredictable environment.

- Being suck in a system that doesn’t seem to care about me as person.

*I’d finally had enough*

After 4 years of active duty service as a Social Work Officer in the US Air Force, I decided to quit.